Education Goal:

The Department goals are to educate students in global business administration.  Besides developing students’ abilities in business internationalization and management computerization, the Department also puts emphasis on uniting theory and practice, enhancing students’ English proficiency, and meeting industry’s demands.

Future Development:

Because HUST is on the way to an “Industry-Academy Cooperative and Teaching-Oriented University,” the Department plans its future development to display the characteristics of Management Division.  Those developments are as follows:


    • International Trade: students of the Department are taught the basic courses on accounting, economy, finance, and international knowledge.  In addition, they are trained to be familiar with cross-strait/international environment and business-related knowledge.

    • Business Management: students of the Department are taught the basic courses in the traditional business field, such as industrial management, marketing, human resources, innovation development, and business laws.  In addition, the Department also teaches IT technology and e-business skills to foster management professionals.

    • Industrial Analysis: students of the Department are taught the basic courses on economy, statistics, and finance. These courses are used to analyze business structure, firm’s behavior, economic performance of different organization. To foster industry-analysis professionals, the students are also trained to employ quantitative methods to analyze data on industry and companies.

Medium to Long -Term Scheme

    Medium to Long -Term Scheme:


  1. With the foundation in production management, marketing, human resource, research and development, students’ knowledge are strengthened in the fields of international business management, international trade, international economics and international finance in order to broaden their global views.
  2. To promote internationalization in business administration, set up a computerized business environment, purchase software accordingly and to establish an international financial management laboratory which possesses functions of language teaching as well, in order to foster students’ language abilities.

  4. A laboratory for international business market condition is set up to benefit students.  By taking advantage of it, they can comprehend overall business conditions and changes at all times, and it could be a great step to get access to international finance and economics.

  6. To promote the cooperation between business establishment and HUST.

  8. There will be at least six cases expected annually in industry-academy cooperation and research projects.

  10. To improve arrangement of teaching faculties.

  12. To reorganize the laboratories according to functions which are required by colleges.


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